December 11, 2023

Froome is no longer on the bike. Due to a Knee Injury, and Other Interesting Cycling News

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Another Monday has arrived, and with it comes the latest cycling news. So, what did you overlook?

Chris Froome’s training has been put on hold.

The four-time Tour de France winner will be forced to rest for a week. Froome admitted on his YouTube channel that he over-trained during his off-season rest. This resulted in inflammation of his tensor fascia latae, a tiny muscle that joins to the iliotibial band and is responsible for hip flexion, abduction, and internal rotation, as well as knee flexion and lateral rotation – all of which are essential cycling actions.

“I’ve been having a lot of discomfort on the outside of my knee while pedalling for the previous 10 days or so.” “Basically, the scans revealed that I’ve injured my TFL tendon, which links the IT band to the side of the knee,” he stated in the video.

“Unfortunately, I think I was a little too eager to come back into training these past couple of weeks, pushing a little too hard.” After a few weeks off the bike, the body may not have been ready to push so hard. It’s swelled up and gotten a little inflamed.”

Since his devastating collision at the 2019 Critérium du Dauphiné, Froome has been unable to return to the top of the sport.

“It’s a major setback for me.” I’m undecided about where I’ll begin the racing season. Everything will be pushed back somewhat as a result of this.

“It’s sad, but I’ll have to make the best of it and focus on things I can do off the bike, like doing a lot of core training and developing muscles I can work on without further stressing that tendon.”

We wish you the best of luck in your recovery. Chris!


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