February 4, 2023

Are you a fan of adventure racing? Check out the Top 10 Annual Races in the United Kingdom.

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So, on the first of January this year, you awoke to some of the deepest snowfall the UK has seen in modern history. The first thought that sprang to me was, “Damn, I hope this goes away before the adventure racing season starts.” This will be an intriguing read for you, despite the fact that it is bit crazy. Check out my top 10 adventure races in the United Kingdom:

1. From Coast to Coast in New Zealand

Yes, I understand I’m starting with a race that isn’t even held in the United Kingdom, but it has shown to be incredibly popular among UK adventure racers.

You’ll need all of your adventure racing gear for this one, since you’ll be asked to kayak for a few kilometres of the event in addition to running and cycling. As you go from one coast of New Zealand to another, you will traverse 160 miles in two days.

When: February 12-13 (usually takes place in Feb every year)

2. Inov8 IROC

This event is popular in the UK since it allows numerous individuals to participate as an adventure racing team, or if you’re a genuine all-rounder, you may do it alone. The entire race is made up of six smaller races that you must complete.

You’ll have to run, pedal, mountain bike, and manoeuvre your way through the dark. To progress to the next race, each stage must be completed in the time provided.


3. World Series of Adventure Racing:

This race series is only open to the best of the best. You’ll be asked to run, cycle, swim, river raft, and get in touch with your animal side as you ride horses at various times throughout the event, which is widely regarded as the UK’s premier adventure race. Your endurance will be put to the test for up to six days!

From February through November,

4. The Rat Race: Edinburgh vs. London

Take part in an adventure race with one or two friends, which is designed for those who are a little more lighthearted and less intense. This race could be compared to the American TV show “The Amazing Race,” in which contestants eat chillies, abseil down buildings, run, cycle, catch buses, and milk cows. Anything may happen, and you must be ready for it. This is a fun event that allows you to run across cities like Edinburgh, Sheffield, and London in a short amount of time.

5. 3 Peaks Yacht Race in Barnmouth, Wales

So you’re a seasoned sailor who’s made sales on a variety of lakes, rivers, and oceans. I’m afraid that won’t suffice on this instance. This race will see you embark from Barnmouth, Wales, aboard your boat and sail the length of the UK’s west coast. En-route, you will have to leave the luxury of your boat and conquer the tallest peaks in Wales, England and Scotland. You’ll need to use all of your talents as you sail, run, row, and bike from one location to the next. All I have to say is that you should be thankful that this adventure event is in June rather than January!