How to Hunt: Spotting Deer and Taking the Shot

kids-wall-800-tIf you spot a doe, then do not shoot. If you are patient enough – you may have to wait for an hour or two -you will eventually see a buck worth the shot. When you see a buck, gauge its antler size and make sure he is legal, and then concentrate on where to aim. Do not panic and do not move. The more you concentrate on where to aim the less likely the adrenaline will take over and make you sick or miss the shot. Wait until it stops or, if it does not stop, make a natural noise, such as whistle or baa like a sheep to shock it.

Making sure the safety is not on, aim and shoot accurately so you do not just wound it, scaring it away. Keep in mind that once you shoot, other deer in the area will run, and likely never come back to the same spot, so make the shot count. Note where the deer was standing and which was it was headed before shooting so you can find it. Wait a half hour and then go to that spot. If the deer dropped where it stood, make sure it died by touching it with the end of the gun for a stick, being very careful upon approach. If it ran, then you must follow the blood trail, or track it. Either way, after shooting be very careful the animal ahs died before touching it so that you can get home safe with your prize.